Ornn is a great champion but he is uuugh at low ranking solo q. what are your opinion?

I'm just rambling :d I'm currently silver 3 and I love using Ornn! I love his W and the brittle ability. It feels so good to melt people down and then pop them. Ornn is a slow tank. I feel like it's hard for him to finish off fights mainly due to his low movement speed and long cool down. Champion with high mobility will run away fast. Ornn is a very team dependent champion. If your teammate sucks at communicating it's harder for Ornn to do anything about it. Maybe this is due to my rank as a silver. Not many people are good at communication at this rank I think. I think I should switch to a more meta champion grind to a high level then use Ornn. If I'm not playing top because I can't help my team, I play the support role because supporting ADC is a crucial for winning a game. I'm a bit iffy when I'm playing top when the bot lane is doing bad. I fear all my effort in winning top is wasted.
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