Fiora has a ravenous hydra, GA and death's dance

she is now drain tanking everything while being immune to cc "herp derp bait her riposte" implying all fioras are bronze enough to parry an auto attack "herp derp get grevious wounds" great now instead of her healing for 500 per auto attack and 1000 on her ult, shes gonna heal for about half that amount heres a few nerfs i came up with: remove her ult heal entirely and instead replace it with something not as broken or nothing at all remove her true damage remove the heal she gets from vitals increase q mana cost increase q cooldown q cooldown only reduced if she procs a vital w attack speed slow removed w cooldown increased e slow reduced to 10% at all ranks fiora mains get out ur bias is not appreciated in this thread where we discuss how hard fiora should get nerfed
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