why do i get supports too low rank to duo with me and griefers every game?

im gold 4 all my opponents are silver 2~gold 3 yet i have bronze players on my team and even in my lane as support? ive had a string of bad games recently and i cant help but feel like the games matchmaking is just tilted heavily against me in the majority of my games. no1 rotates properly to defend every1 is a tiltlord and its hard not to get upset with people when they are consistently making mistakes and blaming everything under the sun but themselves. i go into games accepting the fact that im not that good at it in the grand scheme of things, and that helps to an extent, but i atleast know that hitting the nexus until its health bar hits zero ends the game. my teammates on the other hand seem to think its a nonstop TDM until somebody surrenders. ive been flamed griefed and completely disregarded in an absurd amount of my games lately and if i get frustrated and say anything about it i am the one who gets punished by riot. even if i try to explain to people my decisions in as calm and matter of fact a way as possible i still get punished simply for "arguing". people can troll and int/grief my lane as much as they want as long as they dont say anything theyre on my team the very next day at the same exact time doing it all over again. im getting sick of this crappy matchmaking and all of the people who are a part of it. i really enjoy the game itself but im finding it hard to justify playing it to myself now just because of the people it expects me to carry and this asinine report system.
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