We were losing 1 - 15 at minute 13.

We didn't blame each other. No one flamed their teammates. We kept trying our best, and took all the drakes. And we won that game. Edit: _The main purpose of this post is to simply tell a story that felt good. Besides that, maybe show that if it's -while unlikely- still possible to come back from an extreme disadvantage, then it's even more likely to win in much more common, not so big disadvantages, where people still give up/ flame frequently._ --- A few points: * The "Snowball" in the game is frequently not what most people think it is: _Players blaming each other when they start to lose, typing, giving up, saying "it's lost" and then doing bad just so they're not wrong in the end._ Those are in my exp. the biggest reasons why once you die a few times, you're very likely to lose. Because out of 5 people, there's a high chance that at least one person will break, and that spreads to the whole team. * Never give drakes for free. They had an 8k gold advantage but didn't care at all about 5 dragons, including 3 mountains, which ended up melting Baron, Elder and their towers. * Appreciate those who don't engage in pointless arguments and just play. Respect the vote from the people who don't want to give up and genuinely think a comeback is possible. * There is no better feeling in League than a comeback like this, especially after the enemies BM and say "gg ez" preemptively.
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