Increase ban limit to 5 and give each player a ban

I'll play ranked and ban Yasuo every game :3 because screw him. Seriously though, there are what? 128 champions in total and we can ban 6 at max, the time has come to increase the ban limit to account for more than 5% of the champion pool. By raising it to 10 it accounts for a whopping 8% instead of 5, not much but the more important part is we give each player on the team the chance to contribute pregame, to the team setup. If you have an AFK in the top slot it stinks, if the leader doesn't ban who you don't want to fight, it also stinks. Lets be honest solo queue blows mostly because your position and who you have to face is often out of your hands. By giving each player 1 ban during the lobby phase we lower potential toxicity and empower players to feel as though they have a modicum of control over the turnout of a match.
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