I think Qiyana is a cool champ, but wtf is that ulti?

Normally I dislike assassins in general. I think they are too edgelordy for my tastes. Qiyana's character is a pretty cool design for an AD Assassin. Its a nice change from the dark-stabby-man trope. That being said, I cant understand why the hell Qiyana (an assassin), has an ultimate that would be better suited on an immobile control mage. She already has stealth and mobility and one shot potential, even without the ulti. Like Qiyana basically has Syndra's Scatter the Weak, combined with a Rumble ultimate thats easier to target and does all its damage up front (not to mention it also fking STUNS you). How does it make sense to give an assassin an ultimate that can decide a team fight before it even starts?
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