Please, Riot, Can you not put unranked players with experienced players?

it's getting really old seeing unranked players in my games and knowing in prior which team will win or lose. What Riot can do that will reduce the impact of this issue, and i will suggest three solutions. - The most obvious one is to have them start from the rock bottom IRON 5 and climb their way up. Pros : it will get make account trading hard, since the seller has to also climb the rankings slower instead of just getting lvl 30 and winning placements landing in high Silver to high Gold Cons : it will be more work for players to climb, but once you are out, then you are out. - Match unranked players with only unranked players and players who recently joined ranked with few games. Pros : it won't change how ranked works compared to the actual system Cons : new players will get stomped by smurfs even harder, but the gap will be so deep and fast that it won't matter. - Have placements happen in normal games instead with no ability to play with more than 2 man premade. those placement will try and match with other players who are also on placements preferably and fill in the rest with normal, draft games players. And double placement games to 20. Pros : it's in my opinion the healthiest method to go about it, that doesn't really impact other ranked players experience. Cons : it might not be the most accurate since players don't play seriously in draft games, but to be honest neither is a 10 games sample of the actual placement system. I just had 5 games in a row with lvl 30 or slightly above players who have no clue about the game, that have 10+ deaths, i know i have flaws too, i don't play perfectly, but the disparity in game fundamentals is just astonishing. no player should have to deal with the psychological challenge of trying to **play** and** type** in chat every 10 seconds to stop people from griefing and giving up and spamming surrender.
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