The updates in ARAM made ADC too strong

Patch 9.7 ARAM change: 1. reduce damage from further than 900 units = nerf poke mages = ADCs are less likely to be poked to death and are more likely to have high health when the fight begins On the other hand, front lane champions actually do not benefit from this change too much because: 1. they have MR increase by levels plus they usually build MR items. 2. {{item:3083}} is common for mid-late game front lane, and poke does nothing to them. 2. Backtrack = if you cannot kill ADC within 3 second then they live and kill you = low brust tank and fighter can rarely kill ADCs 3. You can ban champions = people usually ban disgusting champions like {{champion:115}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:9}} , and ADCs actually hate those champions the most = in most games ADCs do not need to face the champions that they are afraid of the most. You cannot feel how strong ADCs are in ARAM after the update by only looking at the win rate of ADCs, because it is very common that both team have at least one ADC. However, if: 1. your enemy team have ADC, but your team do not, or 2. you get chance to play ADCs a lot both before and after the update and you know how to play ADCs, or 3. you play tanks, you will feel how strong ADCs are in the curret ARAM games.
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