I'm so tired of seeing "why is AD better than AP" threads. Legit losing IQ every time I see one

> Threads that say "Why are AD items better than AP items?". "Why isn't there a nullifying orb that blocks AD?". "Why isn't there a hexdrinker that shields AD?". and my personal favorite that I read when I want a seizure "Why isn't there an AP item that has a QSS active?". > Yeah lets just fuck Malzahar, Lux, and any other CC dependent mages and make vladimir, Cass, and other ap carries even more dominant. Hilarious, because you would be asking to introduce an item for the mage class that allows one half of the mage class to fuck the other half of the mage class. Regardless, I'm so fking tired of seeing these threads. Just make it stop. **I honestly don't think AD Items are better than AP items, and it makes sense that there isn't a nullifying orb or hexdrinker that shields ad damage. And this is coming from a player who plays e girl champs and mages for a living. ** I LOVE LUX, I LOVE SONA, I LOVE JANNA, I LOVE SORAKA, I LOVE SYNDRA, I LOVE ORIANNA AND HER METALLIC ASS, and I LOVE MY BOI XERATH. My third role after mid/support is ADC and I MAIN ASHE. Keep this in your goddamn minds when you read this thread that may seem pro-ad assassin but is actually just common sense if you think about it. I ain't some fake mage user that's trying to make a point for the AD assassin class because I am secretly an AD assassin main or someone looking for attention. Get that bs out of here. Not about that life. _(I'm actually tired right now so excuse me for some spelling errors)_ Mofos like Zed and Talon has to all in for their shit to work and be relevant in team fights. Sure a Zed can poke with WQ but then his all in potential goes down until his W cd comes back. Imagine an ap item that works as an ad shielding hexdrinker. These ad mofos soley rely on their all in burst damage to do anything and if you take that away wtf are they going to do. They put themselves in danger in fights when they go all in. Unlike mages which I'll explain later. Before that just sit down and imagine an ap item that works as an ad shielding hexdrinker. Zed goes in to ult you, when he comes out and does his shit, you zhonyas to dodge the shurikens. He waits out the zhonyas and tries to do more shit but is cucked by an AD SHIELD FROM THE AD SHIELDING HEXDRINKER. I mean there is an option to dodging his skill shots but why do that if you can take barrier, zhonyas and the new ap item ad shielding hex drinker. Hell if there was a nullifying orb for ad than that too. In team fights you would have your team protecting your ass. You guys always come up with scenarios that favor your propaganda, but a lot of the game is undeniably dominated by sieging and poking each other around objectives. If you have a smart team, that's ready to cc an assassin, they can become virtually useless if they don't go all in correctly. Now take a look at Xerath. Xerath is my fking boi. He's my pocket pick for climbing Korean solo que and I'm finding success currently at Plat. This champion is broken to me because he eats health bars from half a screen away. Hell even if i miss, my ludens and liandreys still does effective poke against squishies. Sorc boots, ludens, half of morellos, liandreys, and void staff makes xerath a god at poking. I think I have like an 80% win rate against Talons with Xerath because I take barrier like a pussy, play safe early and hold my E stun in fights for when he jumps with his Q. It's so predictable, he might as well do it without the ult invisibility. I repeat, Xerath eats health bars from half a screen away and he shamelessly does that without putting himself at risk. His spells are skillshots but lemme tell you, shit's easy to land. His W is easier to land than an auto attack. Even when an engage happens, his short cds allow him to instantly use his burst combo (WHICH IS WHY A HEXDRINKER THAT BLOCKS AP DAMAGE EXISTS) Like what on earth are you suppose to do as an ad assassin when their are tanks guarding my ass and you want to engage as an ad assassin but you are getting smacked by my poke. A hexdrinker gives them a chance to all in without getting melted half way through. Even then, they only get to lick my golden ass as a I press Zhonyas. No ad assassin can constantly murder health bars with low CD safe poke from half a screen away and so they need an offensive&defensive item like a hexdrinker that gives them a better chance to accomplish the one thing they are made to do: burst and assassinate priority targets. **You guys are comparing two different classes that are designed to do very different things and trying to make sense of a long range artillery mage needing more or equal defensive options than a kamikaze ad assassin.** Idgaf about playing Lux and losing a 1 v 1 against Zed. I know I can play safe after he hits six and out perform him in team fights where I can shield and out dps if I play things right. As challenging as it is for me to play defensively, it's hard for him for constantly trying to snowball and be relevant later on. Not all champions have a equal footing at every stage of the game. Just fucking understand that and play around it. At the very least suggest approximate nerfs (numbers) to AD assassins that are problematic and their itemization. Don't just say "he one shot me so nerf" or bring up these useless "AD items are stronger than AP items" , "We need a AP hex drinker that shields AD" threads. Again, I main E-girl champs, mages, and Ashe. There is no incentive for me to say this other than saving my own sanity.
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