if i'm in the balance team for a day

i put reduced damage on all stealth champs for 2 seconds after surprising enemy champ from stealth (rengar/twitch/eve/khazix) i make yasuo windwall like braum shield only reduce damage of projectile not blocking it i give all manaless champs mana so they don't feel in urf spamming abilities for days i remove 30% of ornn damage he is a tank i remove vayne percent hp& true dmg i rework swain aatrox nunu amumu garen i remove stacking stats from the game (nasus / veigar) i nerf Zoe q base damage and make her sleeping buble when hit a champ that champ get 50% reduced damage from her so she can use E only for escape no one shotting people i remove diana shield ratios teemo can only put three mushrooms in the map illaoui can't heal her self from ult irelia rework aurelion sol buff damage / galio reverted to a tank like he used to be varus and ashe have now new escapes (mini rework) that's for now
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