Zed fed every single game regardless who is playing him.

[https://ibb.co/3YMDMyG](https://ibb.co/3YMDMyG) Every single game there is a Zed, he is getting incredibly fed. It really doesn't matter who is playing him. Even the first timers who have no idea how to play him manage to do pretty well. I was trying out Zed a few weeks ago when he was free and I couldn't believe how easy it was to get kills. I felt like I was cheating. How can you justify his W+E+Q+electrocute combo that he can do every 20 seconds without ever running out of mana? Don't even try to say "just learn dodge" when the shadow clearly lands instantly. This champion is really overpowered and dominating every single game he is played regardless of who is playing him.
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