My muscle mammi is getting buffs.

[I guess that rito saw my post from yesterday?]( [Currently sitting at 48% winrate.] Unpopular opinion, they kind of missed the whole point of why she's suffering: Stupidly easy to counter, and adding an AP ratio doesn't fix anything, just lazy number buffs. I love that they're considering removing the E duration decrease per attack, it is annoying as f*ck and in most cases, I can barely touch the spirit before it returns from high DPS champs like Renek and Rumble, I ranted about this in yesterday's post. If they sacrificed some bits of her kits in return for self-utility or really soft CC to help her catch up, it would seem plausible. Almost all ability-based bruisers have some ability to help them reach their target except Illaoi. I know, this seems greedy and biased but overall I appreciate the change and the fact that she's under the balance team's radar. Thoughts? _"Change is good!"_

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