I think anyone that does a lot of true damage needs to have that tuned down

The reason I think this it's because of how true damage works. If you have problems with Armor/MR you build LDR and Void Staff, but against someone with % damage reduction like Alistar/Garen/Gragas/WW {{item:3036}} / {{item:3135}} don't really work against them while these buffs are on. Since true damage is so much stronger against %damage reduction, no champion in the game should have that much true damage in the kit, because it creates an imbalance. Draven with LDR and AD/crit barely does damage to Alistar during his R, while Rageblade Vayne chuncks him every 2nd auto. Nerf Vayne W, nerf Fiora passive, Yi E tuned down a little bit and slightly nerf Conquerer. There are fine or even weak true damage abilities like Olaf and RekSai E, Garen ULT can be strong, but only 1/5 is the villan.
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