I'm really sick of Pyke

{{champion:555}} - Super good base stat (High base HP and super high base armor) - Assassin that with super strong cc (hoke+90% slow, stun) with burst dmg and 2 dashes + Camouflage - Overpowered passive that makes poke ineffective - New R mechanics gains more gold than a carry - Easy to play and "outplay" Everytime I see him I feel so tilted of his cancerous gameplay Suggestions for nerf: 1. Remove that disgusting extra gold change in his R 2. "Blitz crank" treatment: Massively increase Q mana cost, make every missed Q counts. His Q is as deadly as {{champion:53}} but spammable. 3. Increase Camouflage detect range similar to eve's. MS burst only gained when unseen (Similar to twitch Q). What are your thoughts?
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