Zhonyas should not have armor instead have dmg(Zhonyas ring is an excellent model!)

Seems a little overpowered that its active makes them immune to all dmg for 2.5 seconds and the armor completely negating 3 lethality items+sudden impact in the process. Zhonyas ring was the old incantation which granted 120 ap and 25% ap bonus, hey i'd rather have this or a balanced version than some unbalanced tanky ap item that isn't so tanky when you see how much dmg they output for absolutely just buying ap. Maw is balanced, they aren't immune to dmg and its quite unattractive if zed wants to snowball. Key: give zhonyas more offense and remove the armor, its not healthy for the game to fight a even a little fed mage with zhonyas because it feels like they're tanks but they one shot you with one button. **And with conqueror no longer shredding armor, this makes sense balance wise.** Riot this is just my take on this, i am sure you can give it the offense it needs or defense in more healthier way(150 hp and +10 ap or something sounds fair) Completely negates the lethality and minimum loss in dmg 3000-4000 gold only(component seekers 45 armor also 1200 gold): {{item:3157}} {{item:3047}} Nearly 10,000 gold and pure glass cannon ad: {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3117}}

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