For all the players stuck in silver

This is really common sense but if you are someone like me who has been stuck in silver for a long time you need to hear this. This really applies to all elos, but I am focusing on silver since the largest portion of the population is in that elo. I was personally stuck in silver for roughly 2.5 seasons. My goal was always to reach gold, but I always fell short until this season. High elo players like to make fun of low elo because we suck, but its fine because its true. The good news is, a vast majority of the players who play this game have a lot to improve on so none of that matters. After playing this game for 6 years and grinding ranked for like 4 this is what it took me 3.5 years to learn. Your rank is your rank for a reason. It doesn't matter what teammates you get, how many afks you get, how many trolls, smurfs, etc. Its all about you and how you play the game. Which leads us to the three basic perceptions players have in (especially in silver). 1. I am good, my team sucks: This happens at all elos but I think its really common in silver & bronze. A lot of my friends I play with currently in silver have this perception or #2. This idea is basically, I am good but my teammates are holding me back. The problem with this is its not true. And since its not true, all this perception does is hold you back from improving. 2. I don't really care about ranked. You will see players like this who play a few ranked games and don't really care about their rank. They will try out different champions, different lanes, and just overall play very casually. The problem with this mindset is, if you are not trying your hardest to win or playing your best champions you are not going to rise in rank. It also takes time to rank up so you have to play more than 10-20 games to generally reach the rank you want. 3. Realizing you still have a lot to learn and improve on. There is tons of things to learn in this game. Once you accept the fact that you have a lot to learn, you will finally be able to start learning and playing the game. This is what I realized a few months ago and it has helped me immensely. I know reaching gold is not a huge achievement, but it is important to me and I know it is to other players grinding the ladder. Realizing I was bad at this game and opening my mind to learning has helped immensely. I currently have two accounts ranked in gold this season with a third currently in silver 2, which I use to play with friends (we lose a lot I am not good enough to boost them). Pick some roles, play the champs you are confident in and continue to learn. You will eventually start to see a rise in rank. I read a comment once that the only difference between gold & silver players is gold players realize they suck. Although not true for all players, this is 100% accurate for me and many gold and up players I play with. Its all about opening up your mind to learning the game and improving.
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