Twisted Treeline BOTs/AI - How to find them

Over the past few years, Twisted Treeline (3v3) has basically been forgotten. Some will play Flex for extra Ranked rewards, but everyone tends to stay away from Blind. Why is it you may ask? _**BOTs**_ These filthy shits roam the place, almost impossible to escape them. Sometimes you'll get lucky and have a fair 3v3, and most times its a 2v3. What's also funny is that Riot hasn't really done anything about them. They look like normal accounts, but all of their actions are done off screen in a possible program. What do BOTs do in these game modes? Well, similar to Riot BOTs, but worse: * They run down a random lane, no real order in particular * Attack minion waves, but not the player * Never flash away or try to escape efficiently when confronted * And repeat for the entire game, giving the other team 15 free kills at the minimum However, I have found a way to determine if your teammates are BOTs before loading, possibly allowing you to dodge. Its not rocket science, but almost all accounts follow these strict rules: * They have one of the 5 default champion icons ( Darius, Lux, Master Yi, Miss Fortune, Ahri ) * Their runes are NEVER correct for their champ, or at least aren't optimized. ( ex. Veigar with Press the Attack ) * Their summoner spells are very limited, mostly Exhaust and Ghost, but there are rare chances of a mix-up * They NEVER talk. No matter how hard you flame them, you will NEVER get a response. ( Possible Riot punching bag AI? ) * All of their items are randomized. I have no clue how they decide what to buy, but they do buy things... * Most of their usernames have random letters in them, not spelling anything I can read at the least. * And most importantly, they somehow give an honor at the end. I have no clue about this one, but its usually random who they select. So you may be asking, why? Why would there be such a massive storm of AI roaming 3v3 Blind? What could there be to gain? **_EXP. FUCKING EXP._** Its so crazy, but EXP grinding is important because you can get capsules, allowing you to practically unlock all the champs you want by grinding for 50+ levels. And apparently, running it down a lane and feeding the enemy team is 100% OK with Riot. Hell, I could get a program tomorrow then run it while I'm away at work, and I'll NEVER get banned. I sent countless reports, not a single notification confirming I was right. Its as if Riot just takes the inbox of 3v3 reports and "Clears Spam" every day. In the end, Twisted Treeline is a relic, history into Riot's balancing at its finest. Similar to Dominion, BOTs have taken over completely. Maybe with the creation of Nexus Blitz, poor old 3v3 will become another nail in the coffin, just like some other content they created.
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