@Riot About the Teemo's rework in PBE server

This is,i think, the best detailed opinion about teemo's rework from one of the best teemos in the world Ipav. Who's got challenger by playing mostly teemo on 2-3 accounts where put a very detailed opinion about every single part of his kit with a good suggestions how to make teemo better. And i totally agree with him. Everything he said makes a lot of sence and the thing i love he's very constructive and i just want to spread this video as much as i can. And one thing i want to point out the most that with this rework you're killing the best thing about teemo - his build diversity. This little hamster can build almost everything - Ad\ap\hybrid\tank\bruized\Hell, even crit\Atackspeed,On-hit and with this changes he'll have the only one option is to go burst teemo. Which isn't a very good from my perspective. And also the thing i don't like that you're reworking his passive, the one part of his kit which can separate good teemo and bad teemo by the way they use it. Yes, you have E but it doesn't work as good as current passive, because the best way to put an ambush is to STAY OUTSIDE OF BUSH , because people expect you to be in the bush most of the time, also you won't be able to predict enemy's push, stealth in the middle of the lane and once the enemy come close you put shrom on top of the minion and start spit on him like crazy, and this tactic will be no longer available with the new E. Anyway here is the link for the video and i hope riot will take a look at this video since i don't think they'll have more constructive and detailed opinion from one of the Best teemos in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n9XHPnAJ04 TL:DR Teemo's rework will ruin his build diversity and nerf his ambush power and here is detailed video from the challnger teemo's opinion about this rework P.S. I'm not a native english speaker so sry for some grammar mistakes :(

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