Item balance chart based off Champion balance chart

David Capurro on Twitter
Here's an image of a solo queue OP line we've been discussing next to 9.8 champ performance. A bit simplified, but a decent conversation point about performance. In it you see every champion's WR/BR, and a line where we're trying to establish consistent standards of OP.
Recently riot had been doing more work of buffing weaker champions and mini gameplay reworks to many champions. They are trying to make a structure through a chart that will provide some information as to provide nerfs/buffs on top of their standard approach of selecting champions to adjust. I was wondering if this can also be applied to items? Nerf an item based on playrate/winrate and buff a couple items based off playrate/winrate every other patch or so; as to not create too many variables as to which champions are adjusted every patch. Itll be nice to expand focus to itemization, even in minor ways, rather than always focusing on champions.
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