Why isn't the design team being held responsible for this game's state?

literally almost all champions released/reworked since 2017 are huge problems that requiered so much ressources to be fixed obviously {{champion:84}} but also {{champion:517}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:10}} those champions just can't stop being in the patch notes with endless nerfs/buffs, or endless attempts of powershifting that just end up solving nothings. Kayle is dogshit, "mini-rework is planned" yea sure, go mini rework a champ that you just spent a whole year creating a new kit, and waste ressource because your vgu was garbage and didn't change anything while also making her even more unfun to play. Galio has 43% win rate and 1% pick rate right now, and will get buffed then again being a problem Sylas is the new cancer, overloaded af and unfun to play against Ornn is straight up unplayable, but do you really want Ornn to be buffed? no, hell no. {{champion:82}} even Mordekaiser has 70% ban rate right now, almost as akali when her rework was out, and that even after his hotfix. {{champion:350}} And now we have Yuumi with 100% pick/ban rate in pro play since her release, with pro players PERSONALLY asking to nerf her. so why, why are they allowed to release overloaded champions and get away with literally zero consequences?
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