PBE Sylas (and what those of us who play him actually WANT)

Do you want sylas to be balanced as an AP assassin or an AP bruiser/skirmisher?
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The goons have spoken. Sylas has been roaming the Rift for almost a year and the recent PBE changes might just kill him. Not because he won't be powerful enough (in fact, I'd say the changes being made to him put him at an ideal power level if not slightly too good) but because nobody will want to actually play him. After discussing extensively with the rest of the Sylas community, this is my verdict: With the 100% AP scaling on his E2 currently being tested on the PBE, Sylas is moving away from a bruiser playstyle and further towards a full AP assassin who onebangs you once his E2 absolutely chunks you. Furthermore, the removal of his auto attack resets from W and E seek to "reduce the skill floor" of his kit, which makes absolutely no sense to me or anyone else who currently plays Sylas. Why is it OK for other mechanically complex champs like Riven to have these mechanics but Sylas isn't allowed them because they make his kit not "accessible" enough? Removing these core elements make him feel clunky to play and way too slow to be fun any more. The changes have resulted in dedicated Sylas players like myself not even recognising the champion any more: why is his E2 so ludicrously powerful but his passive still does no damage? Why are his resets gone? Why is he being balanced like an assassin when the majority opinion of Sylas players would rather see him as a bruiser, where these resets would actually be useful to proc Conqueror faster? I would describe the changes as "one step forward, two steps back". One step forward: reduced cooldowns, more focus on scaling and higher mana costs means Sylas is incentivised to build ROA now which should be the core item on a mana-using AP bruiser like him. Two steps back: he still gets too much reward for building full AP and none for building AP-tank, and his passive (his main sustained DPS tool) still sucks while his E does absolute metric tonnes of damage for no reason whatsoever. There are very good parts to these changes (the Q and W changes in particular are beloved by us and a step in the right direction) but they are overshadowed by the bizarre decision to dramatically overjuice his E2 to make it do ludicrous amounts of damage if you build full AP. The PBE changes for Sylas at the moment could do with some changes to better fit this more beloved bruiser play style. With the Sylas main community as my witnesses, I suggest the following amendments to it: -Give the passive a base damage again. Maybe make it scale with level like Camille's Q instead of AP to keep it under control while not letting it be useless. Scrap the third charge, nobody needs or wants it. -Dramatically reduce E2 damage, especially the AP scaling. 100% is absolutely absurd and total overkill. Depending on how dramatic this reduction would be, a short reduction to E's cooldown may be in order, although a better way to retain his power budget while keeping enfranchised Sylas players interested would be... -Bring back resets! Cutting E2 damage right down to the bone would allow room for good Sylas players to make use of this mechanic that's existed in their kit from the start and give that rewarding learning curve top that other champions like Riven and Fiora get to enjoy. They make him play so much more smoothly and to lose them would be a disservice to Sylas and his players. Thank you!
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