Pyke needs a bit of an adjustment

So I play a lot of pyke but I haven't played a lot against pyke. I just played against him and I beat him pretty easily with my friend because I knew how to counter him and he really wasn't that good as a pyke player. But you know what I told my friend about pyke? "Just ignore him. Unless hes blown his e and we dodged it just completely ignore him." You can't poke really him out of lane You can't really cc him and kill him fast enough at early levels I honestly have no idea what his counter play is. My best advice was to ignore him because there really isn't anything you can do to him unless HE messes up. Any champion who's counter play is to ignore in lane is just not well designed imo. Honestly if you just nerfed his early game heal juuust a tad so hes not almost completely healing with tank masteries that would probably be enough. But right now hes just boring to play against.
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