If you're going to remove tank and enchanter supports gold income can their items at least cost less

{{item:3304}} is gone {{item:3307}} no longer heals and loses its gold income/ super minion clearing power late {{item:3850}} loses its gold income late but it only matters for the enchanters that need that income most Kill lanes are stronger now than ever before, because the carry support compensates their shit-tier gold income with kill and assist gold. If you aren't playing {{champion:63}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:235}} or others of their ilk, you not only have to deal with sub-par support items compared to the carry counterparts, but don't even get those worse items nearly as fast as the carry lanes. Can we just admit that the support item changes were a mistake and revert the quest/item structure. Keep the AD spellthiefs I guess, nothing else remotely decent has come from this new structure.
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