These Are The Reasons That Games becomes Coinflips.

**AutoFill** if u have 3 autofilled teammate on ur team and enemy are all on their main role. u lost the coinflip. --------------------------------------------------------------- **DUO Partners.** if one team has duo and the other team doesnt have duo then that game is a coinflip. That Duo Decides the game for other 8 people in the game. if good duo they will 2v8 and if bad duo they will run it down as 2 doesnt matter what other 8 players does. --------------------------------------------------------------- **Smurfs.** if ur enemy has 2 smurfs and u have none. u lost the coinflip. --------------------------------------------------------------- **Trolls.** Since trolls dont get banned or anything.they are always there. if u have troll on ur team then u lost the coinflip. BUT u can use that Report button after the game i dont know what that button does but its better to use it anyway. --------------------------------------------------------------- **MatchMaking.** if Average MMR of ur team is silver 1 and average MMR of ur enemy team is gold 3 u lost the coinflip. BUT instead of 21LP u only lose 17LP. still u lost coinflip. --------------------------------------------------------------- Edited : Of Course All of These Games Are Winnable. And u can 1v9. But that doesnt mean u won the coinflip. u just did the impossible.
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