What to do to leave bronze?

Everyone says that getting out from Bronze is pretty easy and blablabla but now tell me, HOW? How the hell is that simple? Why can't I get out from bronze if it's that simple? I don't get how people get out from bronze saying like: u just need to be good. Right, how about me, I'm main ADC but sometimes I can go mid or top but, every game I go, most of them like 80% of my games, I find people who don't know how to play as a team. My lane is always the last to be taken, mid or top is always the first when I'm not in one of them. I'm not saying I'm a pro or something, I'm just saying that, I do my best to keep safe if I'm struggling against the enemy but always doing my best as well to not lose my role to don't mess up the game! What the hell can I do if mid AND top both get taken and my team is coming to bot for god knows what?! My team comes bot and then they die and ofc I die as well cuz I can't run as much as I try. The main problem in my matches is this one cuz when it happens we suffer pressure in ALL lanes and my team just don't know what to do so we keep defending until the enemies come to our nexus and finish the game! I mean, I even try to push bot while the enemy team is pushing top but it doesn't matter, my support is always away from me so I have 0 protection, I know is a big mistake to push lane as an ADC alone but what else can I do? If I stay with them defending we have a team fight they all die and I die as well so isn't worth. What the hell should I do? What matters start winning the game if ur team always mess up? How to come back? I always try to have hope and continue until the end but is stressful to keep playing with people that always discuss in chat and don't try their best while in lane phase. This and more (like afks) happens 80% of my matches! If I dodge I lose Lps! What can I do guys? And what to do in games like this? https://imgur.com/CuUtHhI We were strong asf but we couldn't do a damn thing because 4x5, the enemies had the chance to put some pressure in all the lanes! And my lux always wanted to do team fights and suicide for nothing! I'm tired of this, and these guys were all silvers!
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