So,in addition to Ornn's Passive "adjustment",he's getting better Resistances than Wukong's Passive

Ornn [Ornn has extensive changes in testing on the PBE!] Living Forge (Passive) [New] Now grants an additional 10% bonus Armor and Magic Resistance from all sources. Item upgrade level requirements tweaked Which means, they scale from level 1, and you don't lose them like Wukong loses the stats after the enemy dies/not in range. and again, I'm not targeting Ornn here, I'm just stating the ability of the balance/design team to fix things, but they prefer to keep it to specific cycle of champions. Have you noticed how the cycle of buffing/nerfing certain champions is repeated every year? For example, "champion "X" is broken now, we nerf then rebuff around the next 10 months and probably might add more mechanics to his/her kit" - how the balance/design team works. Every other New released champion now has some Heals and Shields now and 1-2 CC type at least in their kit, which means they can fully be creative when it comes to utilizing the Runes system. For example the newly released champion Neeko {{champion:518}}: is by far a better version of Wukong {{champion:62}} but with extra pre-level 6 2 CC abilities, more utility [ movement speed ], and better Decoy/Clone, and an extra CC root + shield on her AOE insta-burst damage R. The more champions you introduce to the game, the more unfair the game will be to the other outdated champs, and my main happens to be one of them {{champion:62}}
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