Getting one shot against assassins versus getting one shot against mages

{{champion:99}}- Has to be ahead in order to kill you with one rotation. Has to hit her q in order to guarantee her other abilities, Q is dodgable. You can QSS/cleanse if you get hit by the Q in order to survive. v {{champion:62}}- Comes at you from stealth and one shots you with point and click abilities. Does this as long as he's not very far behind. {{champion:45}} - Has an easily avoidable stun that he needs to hit in order to land W. He needs to land W and q mid game and earlier in order to kill in one rotation unless fed. Late game he has to Q, then R to one shot. You can still sidestep his Q if you know he's going to try to cast it. V {{champion:105}} - Needs to land a large hitbox displacement/damage ulti to towerdive his opponent at level 6. Once he does this, he can use his w for absurd amounts of damage. His invulnerability insures you can't retaliate against him in any way, shape, or form, as he can hold it until you use a key ability. {{champion:134}} - Can't kill you with just R unless obscenely fed. Generally requires qwe ---> ult to oneshot, and even then she has to be ahead in order to do it. You can sidestep her stun, which is key if she wants to setup more damage(although the hitbox is really weird on it) v {{champion:91}} - Can 100-0 at level 2, which forces his opponents to zone themselves from farm after he reaches it. Has an ult that grants stealth, which he can use in tandem with ghostblade to get into range to one show you with his impossible to miss W and his point and click Q. This champion would be fair since he generally needs to find flanks to one shot due to his mediocre range, but since {{item:3147}} exists flanking on his is super easy. Note: I know mages offer other things to their teams, but it's just super frustrating to play league right now against the current meta assassins. It doesn't feel like you ever stood a chance against them.
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