Who could use an Ezreal-tier VGU?

We know Mordekaiser and Pantheon are getting full VGUs. They really need it, but they take a lot of work from the team. Ezreal and Morgana got a partial VGU, where their model got updated, but their kits just got a facelift, reworking one or maybe two problematic abilities, and giving the rest of their numbers a pass. What champions do you feel could use this style of VGU? These would be the champions that need their appearances touched up, but their kit is solid, for the most part. Personally, I think {{champion:7}} would be the best candidate. Her kit is quite good, but the outfit composed entirely of buckles and straps really doesn't suit the mysterious matron that works in the background. Her model and kit doesn't really hit home on the fantasy of the dark manipulator. She kinda faceplants into the enemy team, telegraphs all her attacks, then vanishes after she gets a kill. Her old ult fulfilled this fantasy swimmingly, but that was difficult to balance. Some work to compromise and bring back that trickster element to her kit would be awesome. Of the champs up for the VGU vote, {{champion:56}} and {{champion:102}} would probably benefit most from this sort of VGU. The others deserve a full-scale VGU, but these two have pretty iconic and effective kits, just their visuals could use some love.
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