Thanks for giving everyone Assassin damage Riot

What's the point of having assassins when even tanks can chunk your entire HP bar and still be unkillable {{champion:57}} {{champion:31}} ? or the constant HP bar refreshing mage who doesn't seem to die but can 1shot you anyways {{champion:8}} ? ADCs items are still cheap as fuck {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3085}} while being loaded and can still double the damage outcome You promote for counterplay but this dude {{champion:13}} can still pointclick CC you to land his entire combo, then you try to trade vs him to see a shield almost half of his HP bar. You just gave most of the champ roster the opposite of what you were trying to achieve with the assassins rework, but now that they have that "window" for "counterplay purposes", what's the point of picking them when i can simply {{champion:59}} ? Fuck that window, close that window, revert the assassins rework.
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