Great, another interesting new champion that's gonna be deleted due to pro play

Tak wyglądają umiejętności Senny. Oficjalne filmy z ich prezentacją! OP? -
Wczoraj wieczorem przedstawiliśmy Wam umiejętności Senny, dzisiaj możemy Wam je pokazać. Jako pierwsi na świecie dotarliśmy do oficjalnych opisów umiejętności Senny. Teraz publikujemy już filmiki przedstawiające działanie konkretnych umiejętności. Przypomnijmy, że Senna to najnowsza postać w League of Legends, którą zobaczymy już niedługo na PBE. Riot Games dało znać, że wyjście postaci na PBE trochę...
Senna's abilities were revealed on this Polish page. You can translate it to English with the browser option, but I just wanted to come here to say I'm disappointed that Riot refuses to stop making kits that are clearly way too over the top for pro play. This year brought us Sylas, Yuumi, Qiyana (admittedly to a lesser extent), and now this. A global ult that deals both damage and shields allies? Her E is an aoe camouflage that also makes people completely untargettable when they exit the field until they do a first strike? An AOE long range root that forces organized teams to split up? These are all mechanics that will lead to one of the coolest champions of all time getting Kalista'd. Don't get me wrong, these abilities are all cool and I'll enjoy playing this champion while she lasts, but come on dude. You can't just have an ultimate stealing champion, you have to have a dude with 3 dashes, a shield, multiple AOE wave clears, and CC out the ass. You can't just have a demonic diver/ juggernaut hybrid in Aatrox, but you have to give him 3 aoe knockups, a slow that pulls, a moving revive (which got deleted lul), and two dashes (now one lul). It's so obvious that new champions are just gonna be gods in pro play, with kits so broken no normal player will use them after they get slapped every patch for months. Come on. Don't make Senna's ult global, make it like a Lux ult. If you're doing team camouflage, remove the dumbass untargettability that means Senna's team will always get the first strike. These two mechanics are gonna make her simply too good in pro play, the rest of her kit is (probably) more safe with them removed. I was excited for this champion. Still am, I guess. It's just hard fully investing yourself in new characters when over the last two or three years the majority of new champions and reworks are taken away from regular players for the benefit of pro play.
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