New support items don't look great

The new support items are going to make support impossible to play. A maximum of 3 stacks on a recharge timer longer than current relic shield is awful. Makes playing support an "afk until cannon wave" role because using it on another wave is just money down the drain. There not being an over monetary cost to upgrading is "nice" until you realize you're now only getting 1000 gold for free to spend on other stuff and lose any income you have after that point. What was touted by many as an upgrade to support is a hard nerf. The cost to fully upgrade the item itself before was 1400 gold (400 for the starting item and 1400 to get it up to remnant). First, I want to bring up that time component again. Relic shield had a recharge time of 40 seconds with a max of two charges. This new replacement, both the ap and ad variant, have a max of 3 charges with a 45 SECOND recharge time. That's unbearable to wait through, but let's talk gold collection time. Assuming you get to the wave on time and your AD doesn't try to take minions from you actively you can get the first 3 melees and a melee and cannon from the cannon wave. But, if you're getting these off cooldown, you'll only maximally be able to get 1 creep every 2 waves at the best. And even then, wasting your charge when a cannon is coming is bad, so you'll want to save it. With the way it works, I don't see quest completion until probably around 15 mins, probably often later. And that's assuming you don't miss a cannon, either being dead or your ad taking it from you, say in a situation where you want to let it get low instead of insta-executing below 50% because you don't want to push. I'm sure I'm even being generous with the time on that. Before, you could push generation down to 20 seconds a stack. You easily get a cannon+ for every wave. Not to mention it took half the gold to get to your full wards. Second, I want to talk more generally about overall support gold here. Pre 1000 gold changes could be fine if not frustrating, but the post 4-ward changes are awful. No quest leaves supports unable to generate any income of their own volition. A theoretical 2400 gold is nice and all, but it doesn't math out for me. Assuming you JUST get cannons for the rest of the game after getting your Remnant (I'll be pessimistic and say it took you 15 mins for your transform), you have 1 cannon spawning a minute, 2 worth 84, 2 worth 87, and the rest (6 more) worth 90 a pop. I'm going to, in a quick aside, mention that this gold also goes toward whoever's near you, so this is even more wasted gold. After 10 minutes, 2 spawn every minute each worth 90 gold. At this rate it'll take you just about 18 minutes to collect back your 2400. I'm being nice to this and not factoring in the plenty of other minions you're collecting in the meantime. I don't think the extra 1 passive gold every 10 makes up for this. I really hope Riot re-evaluates something about this. This is frustrating as a person who likes support. TL;DR New support items are definitely a nerf.
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