Remove/gut yasuo, riven, and fiora. They are absolutely unwanted and they just 1v9/destroy low elo

Pinned comment: **Classic anti-fact lol community, how do you learn how to play against a yasuo or riven/fiora as yi if they are 5/0?! What i can outplay them? WoW i didn't know i could! Okay i missed the part about me actually not getting one shot or half shot by their farts.** Those 3 are a large problem in the game, and they are aids in how they work. They exist only to be 2/5 and then start one shotting people randomly and get 10+ kills over and maybe 1v5 or be a huge teamfight threat. Also mostly low elo under plat cannot deal with smurfs playing them, they win so cheaply and cannot be defeated. It is seriously just those 3 for me. Every game i play jg then I will be seeing either yasuo, riven, or "fiora". Mostly yasuo and he just dashes everywhere and gets a random shield then one shots me with aa when i slip. Or he ults and stuns me in the air for 2 sec or something and oh i mean he "turns a fight around". Such design, please stop this. Its also much worse when a smurf picks them because they can't be killed, chased, or locked down. The shield on yasuo is dumb as he already has a double crit passive, you could compensate him in power for his q, e, ult/something more interactive by removing it. It is just a free barrier he gets by moving left to right. Riven should also be compensated but have her Q NOT reset aa because 3 aa resets with her added ad on ult is too much and her shield ratio down to like 50-65% because its free tank stats. The stun needs some interactiveness other than press it to stun(it stuns if she is hitting 1 target or slows aoe). Higher cd. Ult AD needs to go which is just extra and she needs to have lower base damage and more ad scaling but also lower dmg if it passes through units. Fiora: Parry swapped with a less noob killing ability and her vital thing to deal 20% max hp on hit is a bit too much lower that or swap it with flat damage. Its more fun playing against 5 vaynes then one or two of these champs for me.

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