Complaining is overwhelming the forums (stop)

The forums are supposed to be a place where we calmly express our feelings and ideas. Not a place to vent our frustrations and complain. Look at all the threads. Complaint after complaint. The game is changing and it's not riot's fault. That's what is supposed to happen. You're scared. So adapt, or fall. Yes we should keep riot on their toes, but this is just ridiculous. The worst thing about this game isn't fiddle support or zoe w, it's you. Pull yourself together because the community will kill itself before riot does. If you want zoe w to be nerfed, complaining is not going to help you, it's gonna make you look silly. If you want riot to hear you out.. they've said it a thousand times. Express yourself like an intelligent adult and someone just might see it. Trust me. This game was never balanced. And when it was, people complained that it was too boring.
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