Why Toplane is currently the worst role in League

Hey guys, I wanted to open up a discussion about Toplane. I am currently a High gold Top main who has recently switched to jungle due to constant frustration with toplane. The goal of this discussion would be to discuss the problems with toplane and why it is such an unfun role, and possibly list some ways that Riot could improve it. My discussion is not meant to be a comprehensive one, and I look forward to reading the replies and insights other top mains have into the role. 1. Counterpicks ---- I feel like this is the single most frustrating thing about toplane. It feels like, unlike other roles, some champions are designed solely around countering other champions. Champions such as {{champion:17}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:223}}{{champion:126}} and {{champion:67}} can feel, and nearly are, impossible to beat in the right matchups. And although we have bans, we certainly don't have enough to truly ban away all the problems. Obviously, counterpicks exist in every lane, but counterpicks are by far the most brutal in top. It generally means you don't get to lane if you're hard counterpicked. You cant try to use wave manipulation and roaming, but usually, the first 15 - 20 minutes of the game are just absolute hell. 2. Melee Solo Laning ---- So because if you're playing top you're USUALLY playing a melee, this comes with some unique disadvantages. One of the most frustrating is the lack of ability to farm safely. In Top, if you're against a champion with high kill pressure, they can freeze and deny to almost no end. When the wave does inevitably hit your tower, it leads to another frustrating mechanic; toplane tower dives. Many toplaners have the unique ability to easily tower dive at level 3 with their jungler. This means if you don't bring Teleport and you die at 2:30 to a level 3 tower dive, the next 20 minutes (at least) for you are over. With the introduction of tower plating, your laner will be so far ahead that you will be unable to comeback. Also, because you're generally playing a melee solo laner, you are very easily bullied under tower, and it is extremely difficult to farm safely. Even melee champs like {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}} can harass the hell out of you under your tower, making it damn near impossible to farm even under your turret. But they're overextended right? So your jungler can come help? That leads to the next point. 3. Jungle Dependency ---- Toplane is SO often decided simply by who's jungler ganks more, or who's jungler is more competent. Many times, when I am getting bullied by the opposing toplaner, I can't even ask my jungler for help, because there are so many toplaners that are able to 1v2 with ease{{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:39}}. If jungle comes in and dies to them, your lane is essentially over. This has always been a problem with toplane and Riot has never addressed. 4. Lack of map pressure---- Even if you do well top, its so hard to translate that into a win. Most of the time, especially in an uncoordinated soloQ environment, it feels like winning top really doesnt mean much. Since dragon is on botside, most skirmishes happen on that side of the map anyways. Unless I'm playing a heavy splitpush champion, winning top generally feels worthless. 5. Meta Slaves ---- Toplane is the also role most dependent on the meta. Because it is a 1v1 environment, toplane often because less about "who is more skilled" and becomes more about "which stat-stick champ is meta" If anyone wants to argue this point with me, go take ANY melee champ and go fight tahm kench right now. Seriously. If your toplane champ isn't meta, you're screwed. It further feels like Riot doesn't know what to do about Top. I don't like hating on riot, because obviously they want what's best for the game, but their toplane balancing strategy makes no sense. Renekton getting a buff just for matchups he already wins. Poppy getting a buff against matchups she already wins while doing nothing about her garbage scaling. Kled getting random grievous wounds which does nothing to help the fact that he gets bullied by lane bullies and outscaled by nearly every toplaner in the game. 6. It sucks ---- Finally, toplane is just unfun. It's more than just "not fun." It is a unfun, unfair role where when I lose, it feels like crap, and when I win, its usually because I either picked something meta or got carried. I want top to feel like a fun, skilled role again. I want it to mean something when I winlane, and I don't want to lose to someone trying {{champion:223}} for the 2nd time ever because that champ is better than mine. I also am not making this list to complain, but I am doing it because I enjoy League, and want to enjoy toplane. I am making this post so that maybe RIot can see it and say "man, that stuff does feel like crap. Let's see if we can address it." PS. For all those people who are gonna say "just git good," I had a 55% winrate from silver 2 to gold 2, and 60%+ on my main champ and my pocket pick. Yeah, definitely not joining LCS any time soon, but I didn't quit top because I wasn't winning. I quit because I didn't enjoy it. I want to have fun. Top is not fun. I'll get off my soapbox now.
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