As fun as the preseason looks, it doesn't look as fun as if Riot started punishing inting and afking

I am genuinely really excited for the preseason as a lot of it looks like a blast. Specifically, Summoner's Rift terraforming to match the dragon that's spawning looks like SO MUCH fun. But to be totally honest, I think what would be even more fun is if Riot started discouraging people in any way from inting and afking. I love the idea of the extra bushes and rocks places, but I think I would love even more if 20% of games weren't ruined by someone actively trying to ruin them without any sort of repercussion. I also really like the breakfast nook they're adding to lanes, but not as much as I think I'd like it if I knew when I was logging in that I wasn't going to have to play three games in a row with the same adc running it down repeatedly while building ap. All of the item changes are also definitely moving the game in the right direction, but I think we could move the game even further in that direction if we eliminated all of the ranked games where 9/10 players have no effect because someone on one team decided to int or afk. Just some food for thought as we gear up for season 10!
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