Please make Red Trinket give the same vision score as Yellow Trinket.

Yellow Trinket Wards give a small amount of vision score per hour, even if the ward never sees an enemy champion. That's because the ward is doing a helpful thing even if it doesn't spot an enemy champion. Because it's still helpful to know that an enemy is NOT passing by that way. But if you place the wards too close to other sources of vision, or if you place them too close or inside of your own base, they give less or even zero vision score. And that's perfect. But Red Trinket doesn't give anything unless you actually kill an enemy ward. This is wrong. Red Trinket should give some vision score even if you don't find an enemy ward. That's because, in a similar way, it's still valuable and helpful to your team to know that the enemy did NOT have a ward there. For example, if you are at the baron, and you sweep the baron pit, and find nothing... that's still helpful, because now you and your team can know that the enemy team may be unaware that you are sneaking the Baron. And of course, just like yellow trinket, it should be less effective to sweep close to other sources of true vision. For example, to sweep close to your own turret should give no vision score. Please give Red Trinket the same vision score as Yellow Trinket. For example, if I use Red Trinket every time it is available, to scan the river, and I never find any enemy ward, I should get exactly the same amount of vision score as I would have gotten if I had used yellow trinket every time it was available, to place a ward in the same spot in the river, where my yellow wards also never spotted any enemy champions. The vision score in those two cases should be basically identical. That way, I will not be punished with lower grades simply because I chose to buy a red trinket instead of a yellow trinket.
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