Damage from little input from the player

I am here to ask if you guys think it's a good idea for champions to deal so much damage without the player even doing anything? Examples are. Zyra. She has damaging spells with crowd control. But even if you dodge it, you still take damage from the plants so you lose half or more of your health anyway. If you get snared or knocked up and she has a teammate there, you are basically dead as the ally only needs to land an auto attack and ability and you are dead after zyra solo deals a ton of damage. Also, zyra doesnt need a lot of cs to deal damage. This is why support zyras can always do so much damage despite having 10 or less cs. Zyra is not the only example, I'm sure there are other champs like this. I don't play neeko a lot but one time laning against her at mid, she misses her snare and q thing that procs 3 times on champions because i was side stepping them both, but she autos me, procs arcane comet and i drop down to half hp. Is this supposed to be a good thing? Like yeah I know her one ability is an on hit effect, but why do I lose so much hp from her when she missed so many skillshots on me? Back in my day, if you miss your skillshot, you are vulnerable and gassed out. Lux would be a great example of this. If you miss your snare, you better just back off because that's your only hard cc. Sure, you have an e slow but it's not gonna stop dashes or master yi's ult so you always want to hold onto your q until you are sure you will land it. If you missed your q and e, your auto attack is not gonna magically drop your opponent down to half hp. I get it, she has a shield so that's not her job. But my point is that if a champ misses their spell, I think she shouldnt be hitting like a truck after missing.
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