Jungle XP is Fine.

All the complaints about it being bad and XP is low are just players who think they can play that role properly, but cannot. There is nothing wrong with jungle it just been switched around so you can start on either side for level 3. Perma ganking was season 9 and it's gonna be the norm in season 10. Invade the enemy jungler since they removed catch up XP from jungle camps. You'll most likely snowball if you gank successfully and push a minion wave. To be honest. You are just bad at jungling if you believe XP is the issue on why you are horrible in the jungle. I believe many players seen their far share of really poor junglers that "main" the role. Sometimes the truth is hard to shallow. The XP cry is silly when there is nothing to cry about. Jungle is still the same unless you are really poor at doing the role. Which a lot of players are. Remember. It's not always your fault you are behind. If your lanes have no lane priority you will fall behind because of those stupid crabs. Just for jungler interaction with each other.

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