vayne W true damage nearly doubled in 3 years. and shes trash tier. game is wrong.

the last 3 ad carries. Jhin, Xayah and Kaisa. seems to have set a standard for the role. have your own kit loaded with damage instead of just scaling off items for auto attacks thats a problem. because thats what ad carries did. they always scaled of items because they benefited the most off them. if vayne damage nearly doubled from 8% in season 4-5 to 14% season 8. and shes a bad tier adc. you fucked up. you fucked so up with this game. you don't care about the immense amount of damage. because your either retarded or you want everyone to do too much damage why the hell does jhin xayah and kaisa somehow change how ad carries are played. if they are casters like lucian or corki. sure. fine. but they scale too damn well off auto attack still. like it makes no sense why do you make camille have a chogath R on her Q every 3 seconds.? idk. damage creep maybe? could be. why do bruisers need 20% true damage and 35 ad now from a keystone? probably because they'd be trash because everyone else damage creeped. so we have to give them some creepers powers too fuck this balance. and fuck this game. no amount of advertising and ads. and youtube/twitch content creator fad you come up with will make people enjoy the game more. balancing it like it was made to work would. but you have no fucking intention to do so. so fuck this.
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