And we're back here again... another nerf/change for Aatrox.

It's time to admit it. This rework has FAILED. He has received change after change ever since he was reworked and they STILL can't get it right. According to U.GG, he has a negative winrate across almost all ranks except high elo (master, grandmaster, challenger). But guess what, they have to balance for pro play where he is still being abused. I'll spell it out for you. It's not the healing or revive (while they are factors) that makes Aatrox such a strong pro champion, it's how he fundamentally works. He's literally a champion designed entirely for pro play. He has in built sustain, he's safe, he's a CDR abuser just like every new champion that exists (besides reworked mordekaiser who just gets overtuned numbers and can abuse non cdr items instead), he has so many forms of CC even if they are short which enables him to chain/combo off a wide variety of champions - making him exceptionally deadly in good/coordinated hands. It literally doesn't matter what you do, he's either good enough to be abused or he will be dog shit tier and completely unviable, especially in soloq. Jesus christ, just look at his balance history since rework: 8.13 - Reworked Released 8.13 (hotfix) - Which was a mistake 8.14 - Mostly nerfs 8.16 - Nerfs 8.18 - Buffs 8.23 - Nerf/Buff 8.24 - Nerf for jungle 9.2 - Complete gutting 9.3 - Buffs but he was still pretty bad here 9.6 - Bugfixes 9.9 - Mini rework (weak on release) 9.9 (hotfix) - Quite necessary here 9.12 - QOL changes 9.14 - Nerfs/buffs (removal of revive for more healing -> mostly buffs if you weren't a dumbass) and now upcoming 9.17 nerfs. At this point what are you going to remove now? If you nerf his healing then the entire mini rework, heck, even the entire rework would have been for nothing. If you nerf his damage he literally can't function. If you nerf his base stats/'tankiness' he literally becomes a gimped version of whatever other juggernaut is there essentially punishing you for playing a champion that takes 'skill'. Now I'm not saying I don't like the reworked Aatrox (I do) but I think it's high time you give us old Aatrox mains a proper apology and give old Aatrox the justice he deserves. Make a good and healthy version of old Aatrox and before The Ecdysiast comes here to shout about how Xin Zhao is basically the healthy version of Aatrox, no. No Aatrox main wants to play Xin Zhao. Xin Zhao is boring and weak, you can play him if you want to but he can't do shit top lane. Have you seen what top lane is like? We want our silent killer back. We want our underdog champion who has historically been memed as the 'worst champion in the game' back. All these little band wagoners who abused him with rageblade, titanic hydra and conqueror after WE SPENT THE TIME discovering that build and making it work, yeah I really don't care about any of you guys. I just want my champion back, even if he's just a 50% or lower champion. I just want to be able to wipe the floor with all these pathetic meta abusers just because I have a champion who I put all my time into, knowing I can turn the tide of the fight when I set up my conditions well and be able to carry the game. I want to be able to build different items again and not just get pigeonholed into CDR because the game revolves around CDR and abilities. I want auto attacks on my champion to be meaningful again. #BringBackOldAatrox Edit: So apparently the proposed nerf is to remove -60hp from Aatrox, leaving him with 520 HP, the same hp as Vel'Koz and even lower than Syndra's (523). This change doesn't remove the frustration from Aatrox or even address his core issues but what it does do is make him feel REALLY SHITTY to play in the early game. As expected.
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