Lethality needs to seriously be looked at.

Listen, I get we needed a way to shred tanks or something, but Lethality is by far the dumbest thing in the game. Flat armor pen vs people who build 0 armor. Why? Why does my enemy Kalista buy 1 seratted dirk, come back to lane, Q-E me and I die outright. At like level 4!? I don't understand how this is a balanced stat. People who never built armor pen b4 build full lethality, and suddenly do 2x the dmg they originally did. This stat genuinely makes no sense as to why it was implemented, how it works, or why is it disgustingly broken. So someone please effing enlighten me on why im getting 2 shot at level 4 with half an item. Because this game is just a shit show now.
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