So I made the mistake of playing top lane today.

I am a top laner, have long been one. Just incredibly frustrated of the role so decided to move to jungling on this new account. I am not a good jungler as I am still learning the basics of it, but have long been a top/mid main who has been playing mid laner more than top these days merely due to ho bad the state of top lane is. I tried giving top lane another try today and picked up {{champion:114}} (been playing her since before her last 3 buffs) into the opponent {{champion:24}} , beat him hard twice in lane, while also being able to freeze the wave and hitting double almost double the CS as him. And oh boy, every time I'd kill him jungler would come by to defend the turret preventing me from taking the plates. Okay,no biggie, I recall and buy my items. I grab a huge item lead over this Jax and return to lane. Two failed ganks by their jungler {{champion:28}} onto me and I manage to easily survive. I kill Jax a second time and try to push the turret, and there Eve comes to defend the turret again meanwhile my jungler is nowhere to be seen. Eventually the other lanes start to lose despite having no jungle pressure on them, and my jungler is going 1/5. I get ganked three man top, and in the name of "playing safe" I give up my turret, the herald, and my CS. Next thing you know this Jax who was lagging massively behind catches up due to his jungler bailing him out, and we lose the match with my own jungler going 1/7. Bot laners going 1/7 as ADC and 3/7 as support respectively. I don't think I'm ever going to bother playing top lane again until Riot takes a long, hard look at balancing out the lanes. There's a reason mid is the most played role. There's literally no reason for why I am going to play top, a role which isn't just riskier but also brings less of a reward to the table.

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