When is Riot going to revert Malphite back to being a tank?

Inquiring minds would love to know, since in his current incarnation, he's almost a more toxic mage than Galio's 3% Max HP per 100 AP Wings were. Ofc; Malphite doesn't win all games and generally can be killed. That being said; he's got one of those almost impossible to mitigate deaths built in at any point after 6 where he has his Ult, and it's because literally everyone is building him FULL AP. 1.5 Second knockup time is all he needs to 100% to 0% someone on AP at any point in the game. Why is this not address and his gameplay more mellowed toward his entire kit creating situations, but people being able to play around it too, if they play correctly? If Malph ults you, you are almost certain to die right now. You're usually dead before the knockup's even over. It's not really healthy for a champ to be ...... nonexistent for 130 - 44 seconds and then WHAM! You're dead just because their ult came up. (And no; I'm not writing this because I'm a sourpuss. I'm writing this because..... whether Malph wins or loses, he's still getting these kills right now, without exception, and unlike someone like Pyke who generally has to do work for them and has some wriggle room to avoid, his have almost 0 play to work around, unless Morgana is in play)
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