Stunning Akali should result in her be unable to use shroud...

(This is in reference to a shroud already placed on the ground, and then after the fact Akali gets stuns and re-stealths before the stun is even over - thus not allowing the stunner to capitalize whatsoever) At least for the duration of the stun, if not for a set duration (like 2seconds). Similar to how you can stop Ryze ultimate. As stuns are the only counter to hypercarries in general, they should be more helpful against an Akali. If this results in her being too weak you can always use this now actual counterplay as justification for a buff elsewhere. At least then she'll have counterplay. I'd like to get some perspective as I truly feel Akali is only really broken because of the shroud. Unfortunately, it is also her signature move that everyone thinks when thinking Akali, so nerfing it too much may hurt her identity.

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