To everyone who says there's no elo hell and matchmaking is fine:

My Smurf just got demoted to Gold 2 and dropped to 46% winrate in my last 30+ games with Voli Jungle, while my Main is constantly climbing in Dia 3 with a 80%+ winrate in the last 30+ games. I made a similar thread a while ago but it has become even more ridiculous since then. There is just 1 or 2 hardcore feeder in almost every game in lower elo (mostly because of bad matchmaking) and you cant do shit about it with a non hyper carry. They decide the outcome of the game. This is not a cry-thread or something. I am ok as long as i can carry on my Main, but i find this interesting since it showed me again how bad climbing in lower elo is and how little it has to do with skill. When i climbed through Gold/Plat with my main i had the same problems but back then i thought i just suck. Now I have the direct comparison. Yes, maybe you play different on a smurf than on your main.... but not 46% to 80% different! --- **EDIT:** I dont blame matchmaking alone for my problems in my current gold games. I know that i am not perfect (not even close) and that i have plenty of room to improve and that a better player could climb through Gold/Plat with a high winrate, even with Voli. But whats true in my opinion is, that its way harder to carry a game in Gold as a non hyper carry than a game in Dia. And that has also (not ONLY but ALSO) to do with the big gaps between skill in lower Elo caused by bad matchmaking. In lower elo you have many games where - lets say - a Gold 2 with 90% winrate in 35 games plays vs a Plat 2 with 50% winrate in 250 games. Ofc the Gold is a Smurf from whatever elo and deletes the Plat 2 almost every time. The algorithm just cant detect if a Gold 2 player with 90% winrate in 35 games is a Dia 3 Smurf or a Grandmaster Smurf. I play LoL since S3 (often around high Plat in the last years) and i cant remember that games were such "diversified" in terms of rank, skill and winrate. Even in the last season the gaps between ranks and winrates between the individual players werent that high. It's gotten a lot worse since S9. Just 2 Example from my games in Plat this Season. And believe me: Almost every game was like this. I have more screenshots. elo difference: gold 2 to Plat 1 winrate difference: 38% to 84% elo difference: gold 1 to Plat 1 winrate difference: 49% to 90% Like i said: in Dia i dont have a lot of those games and it makes the games way more predictable. I can work with that and i can carry that. But i cant carry a 50% wr toplaner who get crushed by a 90% wr Smurf. (P.S. i am aware that i am a smurf by myself).
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