Can't believe this is banworthy

EDIT: Just realized I accidentally posted this to Gameplay. Meant to post it in GD. My bad. EDIT 2: Not sure if someone censored my link or if I accidentally changed it when making the first edit. If it was a moderator, please inform me. To preface: to be completely fair here, the forum ban on one of my other accounts, that I'm about to talk about could have been a 1 day ban. I recently posted something that I really shouldn't have (and know I shouldn't have, but did anyway) and got a 1 day ban for it. It was deserved. This one may have been shorter if not for that other, stupid, post. Also, I'm not a toxic person. I have never been chat restricted in game after 8 years of playing. Never been banned in game. Though to be completely forthcoming, I have had 4 posts removed for being a bit of an asshole in the last year. It happens. I'm not proud of it..but we all have those days. Now to the topic at hand. I just received a forum ban on one of my other accounts for calling a game mechanic (and I'm directly quoting here so please don't ban me) "r%%%%%ed." Literally. I could almost (almost) understand if the term was directed at a person, but it wasn't. It was directed at a game mechanic AND IT IS A CENSORED WORD ON THE BOARDS. I am incredulous...absolutely floored by this. This shit has gone too far. And, fine. I won't use the word any more on the boards, but this is ridiculous and I wanted to post about it to not only complain, but also hear the opinions of others on the matter.
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