Riot don't you dare even let this blitz Q change happen.

New LONGER Blitzcrank Q! Testing New Grab Spots!
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In what world is that a good idea? In what world is that healthy? In what world does blitz even need a buff? Like I play that champion from time to time, and landing a Q is satisfying especially when you're playing the guessing game all the while risking yourself in danger for a nice reward. Now this shit is a middle finger to fairness. The distance this thing has will probably make junglers rage quit if you ask me (and I don't even play jungle) that a one. And two, this much distance that you'll need like 2-3 extra wards to know if your surrounding is safe from a Blitzcrank (that's my guess at least). His ban rate will increase not because he's more op, he's gonna be banned because of how toxic he will be because it's funny cuz riot is supposedly working on dealing with toxicity.

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