Can we revert Pyke and Tahm to actually be supports "only"?

Just I don't know, how supports can lane so smoothly and be so strong on solo lane, Tahm can just 1v1 almost with anybody, while Pyke can 1v5 the game with his ultimate, he can just go on any lane Top,Mid,Jg, support, bah he may even be adc, he is almost in every game that I play, and he is doing incredible well, often carrying. They are cancer to play against, just increase their support potential, and nerf solo laning idk how , I don't have any ideas, im not playing them. They were designed to support role, look where they are now, lmao. Similar problem with Brand, Zyra which were supposed to be midlaners, and just got gutted to be supports, they are untouched since years, they need rework.
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