Ranked Solo/Duo Queue

It happened too many times now for myself where certain individuals on my team are a bunch of trolls. I believe Ranked Solo/Duo should allow 5 man parties. I find there is no difference b/w parties being 5 man or 1/2 man when it only takes 2 to make the entire team lose. The climb is already hard for some. For a lot of people, if not everyone, the climb is only ever hard because of trolls. i just want to suggest they remove solo/duo and turn it into solo/quintet (1/5) parties instead. There's just way too many trolls in league and it ruins the fun. Especially for the people trying to learn or get better. I feel like rank should be based on the players individual performance (kda, map control, average income, and combat involvement) rather than the result of the match up. For example, if the team that loses the game, the "bot" equally subtracts the amount of LP from each member, the bot that calculates how much LP is loss should account the performance of the player in the games, rather than automatically subtracting it. It's just a food for thought. But it would be great to see b/c it's extremely unfair to those who do their best and perform well in game to loss that much LP and try to gain it back again. It's too time consuming.
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