Bone Plating feels unbalanced.

I think its great that Bone Plating is in the resolve tree and not any of the other ones, but damn, it has problems. It basically enables the tank build assassin meta that used to be a cancerous nightmare, in lane, and in some cases teamfights. I fought a {{champion:238}} in lane who had resolve secondary I was like "pfft missing out on more burst or whatever what is he thinking?" He had Bone Plating, and I could not do ANY damage to him when it was off cooldown. Not to mention it scales with level too. I see it on champs like {{champion:84}} and {{champion:11}} too. Tanks are not only a problem in the past, but now the tank stats are also making non-tanks unbalanced. Thoughts? ** PS** I think it would be cool to amp up the values of Bone Plating and make it a keystone as a solution with probably a longer cooldown, but that's just me.
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